Sending urgent supplies to Vanuatu

A Smile for Vanuatu: Legrand, HPM and Electriciens Sans Frontieres Unite

By Bronwyn Dennis, 08 Apr 2015

Alarmed by the catastrophic devastation to the beautiful islands of Vanuatu, we’re working with Electriciens Sans Frontieres (Electricians Without Borders) to help connect the Vanuatu people to power once more.

With support from the French Crisis Centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the French Red Cross, we are pleased to report a team of three volunteer Electricians left for Vanuatu on March 24, along with an express delivery of products in need.

The volunteer Electricians are installing public lighting in villages and emergency camps, as well as power for water systems, medical facilities and general living areas.

Here’s the team in action:

Team in Action

To respond quickly and make a significant impact, Electriciens Sans Frontieres is calling on our community to collect a further $75,000. Our donations will determine the extent of their involvement. Let’s give them the means to act!

To donate or volunteer visit


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