Waiting lounges - the perfect place to recharge

Melbourne Airport trials new Legrand USB Powerpoints

By Bronwyn Dennis, 16 Mar 2015

Waiting lounges, can there be a better out-of-home recharge location?

We’re delighted to report that the Melbourne domestic airport is currently trialling our Legrand Excel Life USB Powerpoints in gate lounges.

Each double powerpoint contains a dual USB charging module. Both sockets within the module have a charge rates of 2.1A (4.2A in total), the fastest on the market. This means tablets can be charged efficiently too.

With limited time available in waiting lounges, except for the dreaded flight delay, faster USB charging for both phones and tablets is advantageous for passengers. As are dual sockets in one compact module – the more, the merrier for us gadget lovers please!

We think Virgin should go for the HPM Linea USB Powerpoints in ‘Saucy Red’. We’ll award an extra special prize to the person who gets these HPM Linea beauties in Virgin lounges.

Find out more about the USB powerpoints here.



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