HPM 316 Marine Grade Ceiling Fan

HPM Aluminium Ceiling Fan

HPM 304 Stainless Steel Ceiling Fan

Energy Saving Tip

Fans work by accelerating the evaporation of perspiration from your skin. So turn them off when you leave a room to save energy.

HPM 430 Stainless Steel Ceiling Fan

Remote Control

Clipper Light Kits

Oyster Light Kits

HPM Low Profile Wall Fan

HPM Heavy Duty Wall Fan

HPM Instant Heat 2-ducted

HPM Fanlight

Energy Saving Tip

Choose the LED Fanlight model to minimise your power consumption. Available through electrical wholesalers.

HPM Ceiling Exhaust Fan - Square

HPM Ceiling Exhaust Fan-Ducted

HPM Instant Heat 4-Ducted

HPM Ceiling Exhaust Fan - Round

Inline Exhaust Fan

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